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Meet Emily

First off, woah! 2022 is *almost* over and we only have just a couple of weddings on the books for December. This entire season has been a whirlwind and looking back we can’t believe how many incredible couples we served and how many lush white bridal bouquets we made. We hand-crafted well over 75 bridal bouquets and if you add up all the bridesmaids, maid of honors, mothers, and flower girl bouquets, we are well over 350 bouquets this year. Of those 75 bridal bouquets, just over 25 were all white bridal bouquets. HOLY!

We thought it would be fun to do a mini-series and look back on all our favorite flowers this year. To kick off the mini-series we will start with our favorite all-white and greenery bouquets! Next up on the docket, are bright-colored bouquets. 

P.S. These are not in any specifically in order. They are just our top 5!

white bridal bouquets
Jordan Junkun Photography

The Sarah

Sarah’s bouquet was one of our favorites this year because we got to finally play with some beautiful white phalaenopsis orchids! While these babies are a pretty penny they absolutely make a huge statement. Just a single stem gently cascading out of her bouquet added so much drama and elegance. We are also seeing that orchids may be the new peonies in the 2024 season. We have had a few requests for them recently!

So what else is The Sarah comprised of? Sarah’s bouquet is also packed full of full peonies, peonies, ranunculus, playa blanca roses, stock, and lisianthus with of course some eucalyptus and ruscus greenery.

white bouquet with anemones
Juniper Studios

The Kayla 

Kayla’s bouquet was one of our favorites for a few reasons! The first one was it had so many of our favorite flowers packed into one bouquet along with tons of great texture. Succulents like orchids are making a huge comeback. We added them to 6 bridal bouquets this year and couples for the 2023 season are still loving them and adding them to their bouquets. 

Other than those succulents, what else is in Kayla’s bouquet? Her bouquet is also filled with playa blanca roses, ranunculus, anemones, stock, veronica, thistle, eucalyptus, and ruscus.

winter bridal bouquet
Savannah Brown Photography

The Kari 

Kari’s bouquet was one of the first bouquets we made as the 2022 season started! Kari and her husband tied the knot in a snowy January winter wedding at the Lake Bomoseen Lodge! While you could argue that her bouquet was more than just white flowers, with all the non-flower items, we still consider it in our top 5! 

Kari’s bouquet was filled with mums, stock, lysimachia, gold hypericum berries, white-tipped pine cones, thistle, pussy willow, succulents, cedar, and parvifolia eucalyptus.

fall white bouquet
Jenna Brisson Photography

The Elizabeth 

Elizabeth’s bouquet was perfect for their romantic elopement in Stowe, VT. The couple took advantage of our luxury elopement package and it turned out to be a perfect fit! Elizabeth really gave us creative freedom with her bouquet and put her entire trust in us. She gave us a few words and pics but let us run wild with flower varieties and bouquet style. So, of course, we packed her bouquet full of some of our favorite flowers. 

Elizabeth’s bouquet was filled with garden roses, stock, spray roses, anemones, lysimachia, ruscus, and eucalyptus.

summer white bridal bouquet
Birke Photography

The Molly 

Molly was a mid-summer bride of ours and LOVED peonies just like us! She even opted for an all peony bouquet for her bridesmaids! Just like Kari she and her husband, Molly, and her husband tied the knot at the Lake Bomoseen Lodge too! Well, truth be told, just like Kayla and her husband, Molly and her husband tied the knot there too! You could definitely say it was one of our most popular venues in 2022. 

Back to Molly’s bouquet though! Her bouquet was filled with peonies, of course, along with ranunculus, anemones, lysimachia, stock, lisianthus, ruscus, and eucalyptus.

Which one is your favorite all-white bridal bouquet? Leave us a comment and if you can’t pick just one, we totally understand. We couldn’t either.