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#BehindTheScenes- Part 1: The Booking Process 

February 17, 2020

Day 0: The First Contact

Yeahhh! You’re engaged and so excited to plan your upcoming wedding. You’ve picked your date, your venue and (hopefully) your wedding attendants. You are now on the hunt for a florist! You come across our wedding wire page and find our incredible reviews and see real photos of our work. You click that “Request Pricing” button and it all starts now. We receive your message and we’re off to the races. We try to respond within an hour or two of all inquiries. Typically, we ask that you fill out our wedding flower questionnaire on our website to give us some more details about your special day.

Day 2: The Consultation

Once we receive your wedding flower questionnaire, we will contact you via email unless otherwise stated to set up a complimentary consultation. Our consultations can be so many ways! Most brides opt for an email or phone consultation. However, we can do in-person consultations at either our home studio or coffee shop of your choice! If you are planning a large wedding with hanging installations or intricate installations, we often will opt for an in-person consultation at your venue.

Consultations usually last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending on the wedding size and the types of florals needed. During your consultation, you should be prepared to be asked the “tough question”, what’s your budget. It may seem like a very daunting task and you may not even know where to start but we’re here to help! The first thing we will tell you is to be 100% honest with yourself and us. We know not everyone has an unlimited flower budget. In fact, we find most couples typically spend 15% of their wedding budget on flowers. To put that into perspective, our small/intimate wedding flower quotes on average come in around $750.00 - $1500.00 and full production/large wedding quotes come in around $2,500.00 -$5,500.00. This, of course, depends on so many factors including guest count, seasonality, and style. One thing to note is that since we are a studio florist that caters to weddings and special events only, we do have a $500 minimum spend. All flowers and greenery are specially ordered fresh for you and your wedding only.

Some other fun questions we will go over is your style. Do you like more flowers or more greenery? (And yes we know you’ve heard the more greenery the cheaper. More to come on dispelling that myth in a later blog!) We will ask you if you have a Pinterest board you can share with us or some example photos? We will go over different types of flowers and why you may or may not want them. Side note, carnations are coming back strong and we’re here for it! They don’t make them like they did in the 80s.

Once we hang up we will immediately begin working on a mood board for you.

Day 3: The Mood Board

The fun part! This is where all your ideas and dreams semi come to life! We create a specifically curated mood board for you. Your mood board will include multiple images per bouquet, boutonniere, centerpiece and the list goes on. This is done to help you get a feel of what size, texture, shape, and color palette your arrangements will have. While the photos won’t be spot on they should be fairly close in a few aspects. At the end of each mood board, we have a full flower recipe. This recipe will show you real photos of the flowers that we intend to use in your arrangements.

Along with the mood board, we will also include a quote for you. This quote will be written to explain whether the order is for pick up or delivery and if it will explain if any rental items are used.

Now is the time to be picky! It’s not often we encourage it but if there was a time it’s now. Let us know if you were envisioning a more blush pink or a brighter pink. Maybe you want to swap out some standard roses for some beautiful garden roses. We’re here to help and want to make sure everything is 100% to your liking. We’re perfectionists ourselves so we understand.

Day 5: The Formal Proposal

Here’s where things get serious. You’ve carefully reviewed your mood board and quote and you are happy with your final draft. You’re ready to take the next step and lock us in! Once you give us the green light we will write up a formal contract for your review. We have recently upgraded to some new software which will allow you to sign the contract right there online and even place your deposit with us at the same time.

45 Days Prior to the Wedding:

Great now you’re locked in with us and have secured your date! Now what? Well, to be honest not much. Well, at least not for a while anyway. We will follow up with you 45 days before the wedding. At this time we will check in to verify centerpiece counts and pick up / delivery & set-up times. We will send you over an invoice for your final payment that is due 30 days prior to the wedding. Once we receive your final payment your flowers are ordered and we start prepping vases, ribbons and anything else that needs our attention.

7 Days Prior to the Wedding:

Whoot Whoot! Your wedding day is almost here! We will once again check in with you to confirm our arrival time to your venue and map out our game plan if necessary. We will also be checking the weather and ask you about a rain(or snow) plan. This will be our last contact until the wedding day. We will show up promptly and make contact with your wedding planner or day of contact. Of course, we would love handing over the bridal bouquet to the bride herself but we know she’s a little busy that day.

All consultations and booking processes might be slightly different to suit each wedding couple but here’s a taste of what to expect when you contact us. We will have another part of this series coming out soon! Be sure to check back for part 2: Processing and Designing with Flowers and part 3: The Wedding Day. 

#BouquetBreakdown - The "Lydia"

January 29, 2020

Let’s talk flowers! 

One of the most common things we hear brides say is, “I am not good with flower names but those are pretty! What are those?” Well, we’re here to break it down for you. In this series, we will: break down what type of flowers are in the bouquet, give a little more description of the flowers themselves, explain when they are in season and where they fall on the expensive scale. Our goal is to help brides feel more confident when talking flowers.

Our first bouquet in this series is titled “The Lydia”. It’s a bright twist on a classic peony bouquet.

So why do we love this bouquet so much?

This bouquet was one of our favorites for many reasons. Besides the bright bold colors and amazing scent, this bouquet had an incredible love story behind it. When the bride and groom moved into their new home the groom was very gung ho about moving in and making it their home. He was so gung ho he accidentally mowed over some beautiful peonies in their front yard. Needless to say, the bride wasn't too pleased. As time went on and the seasons changed the new couple got engaged and started planning their wedding. When they came to the Tipsy Tulip for a wedding flower consultation the bride had mentioned this story. We thought nothing of it for a while till the bride landed on a specific style of bouquet. She had jokingly commented about adding these peonies to her bouquet. What a beautiful unexpected twist to add to this couple's wedding story. It truly was such an incredible metaphor for how strong their love is.

So what is in this bouquet?

White Peonies: These white peonies had such a sweet lovely scent. Their fluffy soft petals gave such a luxurious dreamy vibe to this bouquet. Peonies are typically in season from May to June with limited availability through July and August from flower farms in Alaska. We give peonies a $$$ to $$$$ out of $$$$$ on the expensive scale just depending on when they are in need.

Fuchsia Peonies: This variety is called “bowl of beauty” and we couldn’t think of a more fitting name. It is not your standard double ruffle fluffy peony. Instead, it boasts a double ring of bright fuchsia pedals with a creamy pale lemon yellow center. While most peonies are typically in season from May to June with limited availability through July and August from flower farms in Alaska, this specific variety usually comes from specialty local growers or out of personal gardens. We give this specific variety of peonies a $$$$$ out of $$$$$ on the expensive scale because they are hard to source.

Lavender Lisianthus: These small almost rosette types of blooms are highly sought after by brides nowadays. They bring a nice pop of color and the unopened buds give a nice texture to the bouquet. Lisianthus is typically available year-round as it can be imported from other countries. However, we find the best season is mid-summer to early fall when the local growers have unique varieties blooming. We give lisianthus a $$$ out of $$$$$ on the expensive scale.

Lavender Stock: Stock is a fairly fragrant flower that reminds us of a spice smell, almost clove-like. They have more of a vertical growth pattern when compared to other flowers such as peonies and roses. They are made up of little clusters of ruffled petals that grow upwards towards a small spiked top. While they can be purchased year-round we find they are most in-season between March and August. We give stock a $$ out of $$$$$ on the expensive scale.

Scented Geranium Foliage: Just like the name says scented geranium has a wonderful smell. It reminds us of a minty lemon mixed with a little pepper. We found this foliage to pair nicely with the traditional mint in this bouquet. The bright green foliage gives a crisp feel to the bouquet and makes the lavender and pink tones pop. This unexpected greenery is in-season between May to September. We give scented geranium a $$$ out of $$$$$ on the expensive scale.

Mint Foliage: Similar to scented geranium, mint is an unexpected and unusual greenery to see in a wedding bouquet. With our bride loving blueberry mojitos we knew we had to sneak some mint in there. Besides its incredible scent, mint foliage offers a more non-traditional leaf shape when compared to other greenery used in wedding work. Mint can be purchased year-round but like other flowers, we find it looks and smells the best during the spring and summer months. We give mint foliage a $$$ out of $$$$$ on the expensive scale.