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Meet Emily

In the world of dreamy Vermont weddings, there’s a place that shines bright – The Essex Resort. Situated between Vermont’s beautiful landscapes, it’s a haven of class and style, making it perfect for weddings. As Vermont’s premier wedding florist, we’ve had the joy of working with many couples at this venue. Today, we want to share why The Essex Resort is not just a venue but a favorite for couples tying the knot.

Nature and Luxury Combined

Picture saying “I do” surrounded by lush gardens of flowers and greenery. The Essex Resort mixes nature’s beauty with luxury, creating an atmosphere that’s charming and elegant. For us, as wedding florists, this lush garden resort inspires us, therefore, allowing us to add natural beauty and richness to every wedding. Because of all the reasons above, we couldn’t think of a more beautiful backdrop.

Timeless Beauty Throughout

From the grand atrium to the cozy garden spaces, The Essex Resort oozes timeless beauty. Its lovely architecture and attention to detail set the stage for your dream wedding. For that reason, for couples wanting a venue filled with sophistication and grace, The Essex Resort is a symbol of refined taste and luxury.

Tasty Treats to Remember

No wedding is complete without delicious food. At The Essex Resort, food takes another spotlight, with a team known for its creativity and quality. The Essex Resort is also Vermont’s premier culinary school. Could you ask for better food?

A Place for Life-Long Memories

More than just a venue, The Essex Resort is a place where memories are made. Whether you are planning a small elopement or a huge celebration, your wedding will be filled with magic and romance. One of the best parts of getting married here is the option to come back for years to come and celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and everyday moments.

In short, The Essex Resort is more than just a venue – it’s where we can create the wedding of your dreams. As luxury wedding florists, we’re proud to be part of its magic. For couples seeking a wedding spot that blends natural beauty, elegance, great service, and tasty food, The Essex Resort is a gem waiting to be discovered. Let’s chat more about how we can create your dream wedding at The Essex Resort.

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